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            2019/7 湖北武汉 湖北大学

            具体位置:湖北大学 - 逸夫人文楼3022室;

            优点:地理位置好, 交通方便, 地铁四号线湖北大学站D出口,步行5分钟即可到达考点。








            考场设湖北新PTE考场测评+探题!新题季怎样完美应对一探便知!备:湖北大学考点已使用新耳机,牌子为Andrea electronics edu-455,同一位置,鼻尖三指的距离,新耳机,录入的声音相对较小。大家考试的时候,要格外注意下自己录入声音的大小。

            电脑为HP惠普主机,显示器型号HP n246v,在右上角有标主机大概如图样子,耳机USB插口就是在右侧位置,大概就是下边这一款。




            Yellow Tulip #3349

            How do we imagine the unimaginable? Ifwe're asked to think of an object - say, a yellow tulip - a picture immediatelyforms in our mind's eye? But what if we try to imagine a concept such as thesquare root of a negative number?

            Brain #23

            The brain is divided into two hemispheres,called the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere provided a different setof functions, behaviors, and controls. The right hemisphere is often called thecreative side of the brain, while the left hemisphere is the logical oranalytical side of the brain.

            Bookkeepers #5230

            A national study into fraud by bookkeepersemployed at small and medium-sized businesses has uncovered 65 instances oftheft in more than five years, with more than $31 million stolen. Of the casesidentified by the research, 56 involved women and nine instances involved men.However, male bookkeepers who defrauded their employer stole three times, onaverage, the amount that women stole.

            (听到旁边人考了#4959 Lenientparents,因为他带有感情地读了What areyou talking about?)



            This small Indian state is a land offorests, valleys and snowy islands.


            Even with the permit, finding a parkingspot on campus is almost impossible.


            She was always here, but today, she ismissed.


            To answer such a complex question with asimple yes or no is absolutely impossible.






            #2213 Happiness

            回忆要点:主旨是 happinesscomes from frequency and quality of social relation.

            1. the higherthe frequency, more happiness relations include friends and family and others.

            2. it's notsure why social relation is correlated with happiness.

            3. but there'sevidence that when people feel more satisfied with their social relations, theywill feel happier, in turn, when people feel happier, they will get moresatisfied with social relations

            Happy people tend to be social more withfriends and have more interaction between family. Some people wonder if theirsocial activities make them happier or their happy personalities drive them tobe social more with their friends and families.

            #103 Performance of boys and girls

            You can see that the two charts, each givequite a different picture of the performance of boys and girls in the two keysubjects of Math and English. It shows that in English, gir湖北新PTE考场测评+探题!新题季怎样完美应对一探便知!ls consistentlyoutperform boys over a period of 6 years, achieving scores about 10% abovetheir male peers. There is quite a different picture when we look at the Mathresults with no real difference between genders in the results. What is theexplanation for these key differences? To answer this question, researcherslook at biological and cognitive factors, and a range of social factors. Theinteraction between these different components in early childhood developmentare seen as maintained and reinforced in the school context. And this leads todistinct gender patterns of behavior and skills with direct consequences forschool performance and achievement. The ultimate uses of this evidence (are) toshow that biological factors, such as patterns of cognitive developments areclosely linked to social factor, such as learned gender categories. Thiscognitive skills are learned both pre-school and subsequently at school,supported by the responses of teachers, creating a reinforcement of patterns.



            What do we call the large instrument with88 keys covered by color white and black?



            How would you describe the process in whichice becomes water?



            Agriculture is a process which can be realizedby?



            What kind of book can we find Africa maps?



            SWT :

            #3550 American English

            American English is, without doubt, themost influential and powerful variety of English in the world today. There aremany reasons for this. First, the United States is, at present, the mostpowerful nation on earth and such power always brings with it influence.Indeed, the distinction between a dialect and a language has frequently beenmade by reference to power. As has been said, A language is a dialect with anarmy. Second, America's political influence is extended through Americanpopular culture, in particular through the international reach of Americanfilms (movies, of course) and music. As Kahane has pointed out, Theinternationally dominant position of a culture results in a forceful expansionof its language.... the expansion of language contributes... to the prestige ofthe culture behind it. Third, the international prominence of American Englishis closely associated with the extraordinarily quick development ofcommunications technology. Microsoft is owned by an American, Bill Gates. Thismeans a computer s default setting for language is American English, althoughof course this can be changed to suit one's own circumstances. In short, theincreased influence of American English is caused by political power and theresultant diffusion of American culture and media, technological advance andthe rapid development of communications technology.

            #434 Children watching TV

            Why and to what extent should parentscontrol their children's TV watching? There is certainly nothing inherentlywrong with TV. The problem is how much television a child watches and whateffect it has on his life. Research has shown that as the amount of time spentwatching TV goes up, the amount of time devoted not only to homework and studybut other important aspects of life such as social development and physicalactivities decreases.

            Television is bound to have its tremendousimpact on a child, both in terms of how many hours a week he watches TV and ofwhat he sees. When a parent is concerned about the effects of television, heshould consider a number of things what TV offers the child in terms ofinformation and knowledge, how many hours a week a youngster his age shouldwatch television, the impact of violence and sex, and the influence ofcommercials.

            What about the family as a whole? Is the TVset a central piece of furniture in your home! Is it picked on the moment someoneenters the empty house? Is it on during the daytime? Is it part of thebackground noise of your family life? Do you demonstrate by your own viewingthat television should be watched selectively?


            #3727 Digital media

            With the increase of digital mediaavailable online, the role of the library has become obsolete. Universitiesshould only procure digital materials rather than constantly textbooks. Discussboth the advantages and disadvantages of this position and give your own pointof view.



            #627 Wine and ale

            By the Bronze Age, drinking vessels werebeing made of sheet metal, primarily bronze or gold. However, the peak offeasting - and in particular, of the 'political' type of feast - came in thelate Hallstatt period (about 600 - 450 BC), soon after the foundation of theGreek colony ofMassalia (Marseille) at the mouth of the Rhine. From that date on, the blood ofthe grape began to make its way north and east along major river systemstogether with imported metal and ceramic drinking vessels from the Greek world.

            The wine was thus added to the list ofmood-altering beverages, such as mead and ale, available to establish socialnetworks in Iron Age Europe. Attic pottery fragments found at hill forts suchas Heuneburg in Germany and luxurygoods such as the monumental 5th century Greek bronze krater (orwine-mixing vessel) found at Vix in Burgundy supply archaeological evidence ofthis interaction. Organic containerssuch as leather or wooden wine barrels may also have traveled north into Europe but havenot survived It is unknown what goods were traded in return, but they may have includedsalted meat, hides, timber, amber, and slaves.

            #1699 Pinker

            In a sequence of bestsellers, including TheLanguage Instinct and How the Mind Works, Pinker has argued the swathes of ourmental, social and emotional lives may haveoriginated as evolutionary adaptions, well suitedto the lives our ancestors eked out on the Pleistocene savannah. Sometimes itseems as if nothing is immunefrom being explained this way. Road rage, adultery, marriage, altruism,our tendency to reward senior executives with corner offices on the top floor,and the smaller number of women who become mechanical engineers all may havetheir roots innatural selection, Pinker claims. The controversial implications are obvious:that men and women mightdifferin their inborn abilities at performing certain tasks, for example, orthat parenting may have littleinfluence on personality.

            #5590 Business

            One distinguishing feature of business isits economic character. In the world of business, we interact with each othernot as family members, friends, or neighbors, but as buyers and sellers, employers andemployees, and the like. Trading, for example, is often accompanied by hard bargaining, in whichboth sides conceal their full hand and perhaps engage in some bluffing. And a skilled salespersonis

            well- versed in the art of arousing a customer’sattention (sometimes by a bit of puffery) to clinch the sale. Still, there is an "ethicsof trading" that prohibits the use of false or deceptive claims and trickssuch as “bait-and-switch” advertising.



            My study of the history of religion hasrevealed that human beings are spiritual animals. Indeed, there is a case forarguing that Homo sapiens is also Homo religious.

            Men and women started to worship gods assoon as they became recognizably human they created religions at the same timeas they created works of art.

            This was not simply because they wanted topropitiate powerful forces.

            These early faiths expressed the wonder andmystery that seems always to have been an essential component of the humanexperience of this beautiful yet terrifying world.

            #547 Language

            It is wrong to exaggerate the similaritybetween language and other cognitive skills, because language stands apart inseveral ways.

            For one thing, the use of language isuniversal-all normally developing children learn to speak at least one languageand may learn more than one.

            By contrast, not everyone becomesproficient at complex mathematical reasoning, few people learn to paint well,and many people cannot carry a tune.

            Because everyone is capable of learning tospeak and understand language, it may seem to be simple.

            But just the opposite is true-language isone of the most complexes of all human cognitive abilities.

            FIB-R:有一道题文章第一句是A开头的字母,它是一种waxy substance, 后面失忆了


            #4861 Environmentalists

            Although environmentalists have been warning about thissituation for decades, many other people are finally beginning to realize thatif we don't act soon it will be too late. The good news is that more and morebusinesses and governments are beginning to understand that without a healthy environmentthe global economy and everything that depends on it will be seriouslyendangered. And they are beginning to take positive action.





            #3509 Faults and earthquake

            So faults are breaks in the earth crust, wecan identify them because of the discontinuity in the structure within theearth crust across fault. And earthquake occur on these faults, so varyprocesses by which these faults moves to a large extent is due to earthquakes.So we have a fault plane and the earthquake is so focus on this fault plane andthe earthquake starts at the particular point on the faul王老实加盟t plane and we callthat the focus of the earthquake. The rock prorogate out from that point on therupture plain to cover the entire fault plane.

            The rupture is in that particularearthquake. We talked about the epicenter of the earthquake a lot. Theepicenter is just the surface projection of the focus of the earthquake. So ifyou wanted to l湖北新PTE考场测评+探题!新题季怎样完美应对一探便知!ooking at map view where the earthquake was located we would beable to look that into the earth. We would see the focus down some depth in theearth or the epicenter just a point vertically above that focus at the surfaceof the earth. So this is the focus between the faults and the earthquakes.

            #6594 Globalization and IT

            Well, I would argue that what they will saywas the most important thing to happen in the early 21st century, was themerger of globalization and the IT revolution. The two really fused in a waythat the more IT started to drive more and more globalization, and more andmore globalization started to drive more and more IT. And what that fusion did was take theworld from connected to hyperconnected and from interconnected tointerdependent. These are huge differences of degree that are differences inkind. It happened over the last decade. You are all feeling it in your jobs, inyour universities, in your schools. But no one's really explaining it topeople. Everyone's living this fusion now. The plumbing of the worldfundamentally changed in the last ten years.

            #688 Devolution of power

            Well, that’s one aspect of what’s called,reducing government — modifying government, to be more precise.

            Another aspect of it is what’s called“devolution” — reducing — moving governmental power from the Federal to theState level. And that has a kind of a rationale which you hear all over thetime — place. For example, there was an op-ed a couple of weeks ago in the NewYork Times by John Cogan — Hoover Institute at Stanford, who has pointed outwhat he called a philosophical issue that divides the Democrats from theRepublicans. The philosophical issue is that the Democrats believe in biggovernment and entitlements, and the Republicans believe in getting power downcloser to the people, to the States, because they’re kind of populist types.

            Well, it takes about maybe three seconds’thought to realize that moving power down to the States, in funding and so on, isjust moving it away from the people, for a perfectly elementary reason: there’sa hidden part of the system — of the power system that you’re not supposed toknow about, or think about, and that’s private power.







            #2189 Ask direction

            回忆要点:回忆要点:一个学生问另一个学生某门课的教室在哪儿 另一名学生回答了对于这门课教授的印象问是什么印象 我选的是eccentricbut stimulating

            HIW:有一个题目最后,错误文本是in partof,读成了because of,点击之后in part整个短语变黄高亮



            I thought it was thrown in the smallmeeting room.


            It is absolutely vital that you acknowledgeall your sources.

            #1832 男声,语速很快,再次强调练熟机经的重要性!

            That means they have so many strugglingoverlaps.




            # 5811 Harzard Assessment

            DI :整体难度不大,考了三题机经,包括饼图,表格图,线图。建议大家考试的时候使用自己平常练习的模板。不要使用自己不熟悉的模板。

            1.Agricultural types #4067

            (此题考试时有标题:the causes of Brazilian deforestation )

            2.The most common languages #5359

            3.Temperature and CO2 #5030

            4.还有一题是table 题,三个专业在不同年份的收入

            RL :最近题目还算稳定,特别是长文段的题型,中机经率还是蛮高的,考了两道相对老的机经题。

            1. formation of clouds 左边有张类似于ppt 的图 # 3544

            2. civilization, 左边有一艘货船的图 # 2220

            ASQ :考了三道鸡精题,不难

            1 how many wheels does a tricyclehave? Thress

            2 what is the color of the medal that achampion gets?Golden

            3 if you want to read tragedies orcomedies, what kind of book do you read? Novels


            SWT:考了两道旧机经题,Plug-in vechile 难度不大,后者相对来说比较难。句子结构较复杂。

            # 3547 Plug-in vehicle

            # 3738 syllabus ( technology course )

            WE:考的是观点题 Create better networks of transport or build more roads, agreeor disagree? 我使用了我们黑科技的班课的套路和模板,使用四段式。第三段有加入反驳对方的观点。


            As cities are expanding, should governmentcreate better networks of public transport available to everyone rather thanbuilding more roads for the vehicle population? To what extent to you agree anddisagree.


            RP:最后两句有所改动, 但表达的意思相似,倒数第二句 their menus xxxx so tantalizing that xxxx attract non-vegetarians,最后一句是以 no doubt that vegetarians 开头的

            Vegetarian # 1711

            Carbon Detox # 1736

            多选单选:难度不大,重点听关键词。同学们需要注意时间分配,切记花太多时间在小题上, 以至于无法完成后面的WFD。


            Vegetarian # 1711

            最后两句有所改动, 但表达的意思和机经相似

            倒数第二句 their menus xxxx so tantalizing that xxxx attract non-vegetarians

            最后一句是以 no doubt that vegetarians play 开头的



            Fluid. # 424

            Impressionist painters # 2176


            1 powered

            sleek ( 类似于这个发音,以考试听到的为准)


            2 #4964








            1 新题:# 6601

            Happy home for dogs

            Whatthe basic needs are - eg. nice meals

            control - having control on outcomes

            getneeds met — achieve things

            geta dog - social

            interactive stimuliation

            its important toprovide stimulation in the animals’ world

            然后举例哪些stimulation,nicetoys 等等

            But it is not enough for some animals .

            2 #3527

            wildlife( fish ) in Africa

            3 #698

            Universities’ competition


            What are they talking about the currentresidence

            a : it is difficult to study

            B: not wired with The Internet access


            C: not close to the main campus

            D noises from other residents

            E:the rent is high


            擅长音乐的人, they are better listeners, perform better


            1 大致内容celebrate XXanniversary,

            提到通过什么方式来庆祝partying, eating cakes and beep

            有一个混淆项:retribution 惩罚 (排除)


            1. This paper challenged many previouslyaccepted theories. #890

            2. While reconciliation is desirable, theunderlying issues must first be addressed. # 1856

            3. The placement test of mathematics andstatistics is offered every semester. # 3687












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